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LeonLegion's Recruitment

Welcome all nationalities

About LeonLegion

Leon Legion is a global leader in autonomous vehicle robotics for research and development and provides hardware, software, and services to enable autonomous driving vehicle development, deployment, and operation.

Our orientation to bring breakthrough technology solutions. Create products that benefit society, build brands with a philosophy of consumer experience as the focus.

Main areas of activity: Electric Vehicle (EV), Autonomous Technology, Advanced Energy, Topology Optimization (AM), Bionic, MicroMobility.

We want to be a strategic supplier trusted by our clients, excellent in our operations, to offer innovative products while maintaining sustainable economic and social development and encouraging the personal and professional development of our people.

About the event

1. Product Design Engineer

2. Product Design Engineer - INTERSHIP

3. Digital Marketing

4. Embedded Software Engineer

5. Structures Optimization Engineer [Topology optimization]

6. Senior SLAM Algorithms Engineer

7. Senior Computer Vision Engineer - Autonomous Robots

8. Senior R&D Engineer - Autonomous Robots

9. Industrial Designer

10. Autonomy & Robotics Engineer Intern

11. Production Manager

12. Senior Hardware and Firmware Engineer

13. Senior FPGA Design Engineer

14. Visual SLAM Expert (Multi-Monocular Cameras)

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