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Production Manager

In Leon Legion, there are always the best approaches to bring innovative ideas into life. We provide you with an open environment satisfying your passion and desire to dedicate to your dream job. Your potential accomplishments are unlimited.

Leon Legion’s teams not only create the products but also brings revolutionary breakthrough that changes the entire industry. Our unique diversity inspires innovation throughout everything we do, from excellent designs to technology for humanity. Join us to take a leap from your current position to better places that have never seen before, and make revolutionary contributions. Leon Legion production engineers are responsible for the development and implementation of critical manufacturing processes that aim for stability and outstanding quality.


  • Responsible for manufacturing process and product quality, including SKU information, preliminary cost estimates, and cost plans. Monitor the product manufacturing process to achieve the fundamental target of product positioning (quality, time, stability, ...) as well as cost function (in detail).

  • Maintain consistency and logical order in product lines to meet performance goals and business development targets by taking market feedback to improve product quality.

  • Monitor daily operations of the factory and promote new product design efforts (internal or external) in order to optimally execute the vision of new products.

  • Process quality control of products received from other suppliers.

  • Perform inspection, analysis, evaluation, and feedback on errors arising in the production process, find satisfactory solutions for stakeholders

  • Always looking for a “MORE” efficient way in the product manufacturing process.

  • Supervise, support and consult the design team during the new product development process

  • Minium of 3 years of experience in the sector of two-wheelers vehicles or commercial products, working experience in the field of product management or purchasing.

  • Experience in electric vehicles is appreciated.

  • Knowledge of the electric vehicle market (e-Bike, e-Cargo, e-Motorbike, e-Moped, Robotics, ...)

  • Experience in market research and ability to identify market needs.

  • Good communication skills, have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively to all levels of the organization.

  • Strong organizational ability, able to quickly handle arising issues flexibly.

  • Project management skills, implement product quality control, processing plans, and set up complex manufacturing or product development processes.

  • Analyze data, and make reports using MS Office

  • Monitor and ensure products be launched on time..

  • Have leadership skills, be able to motivate team members, and establish close relationships among factory employees.

  • Ability to work in a team.

  • Age between 28 - 40 years old.

  • Graduated from College or higher educational levels, majoring in manufacturing, production management,...

  • Detail-oriented, dynamic, enthusiastic, and have a high sense of responsibility at work.


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