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Electric Mobility (E-MOBILITY) is a brand established with the mission of bringing a new traffic philosophy to Vietnamese people, a true transportation revolution. With the pursuit of innovating the way Vietnamese people use personal vehicles and create a fresh living environment, in harmony with nature.
Our core mission involves the design, manufacture and sales of electric vehicles. In the process of executing and completing his mission, we always keep our core goal in mind – Always put the customer experience first, establishing strong relationships with customers across many countries by relying on quality products and competitive prices and doing things no one else can.


From the research stage and on the design concept, drawing R & D to build a 3D model, set up a model to try and pass tests to strict standards, all parts of the process are monitored strictly by LEON LEGION's R&D department.


We pursue every detail right thing, at the mediocre LEON Teams are not allowed to exist and replace it with perfection. With a commitment to the highest professionalism, our team always puts product quality and perfection in our products on top.


We always take the customer's experience as the focus, our designs are highly solution for users' needs. At the same time, the limit of minimalism is always set high every time we do it. For us: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".


As an emerging player in the bicycle industry, the team we have are people who always want to push their limits. That is always the way for us to create beautiful works in both style, convenience and high technology.


We strongly believe that bicycles are not only a convenient means of transportation, but also a vehicle that reflects the values and style of the rider. Fashion value, great health value that it brings.
We are committed to integrating smart technology and design that reflects each individual driver's ego so that the user can use it as his or her daily jewelry.E-MOBILITY Vietnam provides its customers with optimal solutions. Through our customer care services, we are committed to the excellent quality of our bikes and are committed to providing our customers with the best products at competitive prices.

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