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The LEON LEGION® Team caters to the following industries:

Research&Development Product

  1. Research and Development Product

  2.  VTOL UAV

  3.  Autonomous Technology

  4.  Advanced Energy

  5.  Bionic

  6.  Advanced Robotics

Transforming Industries with AI

We advise on the digital transformation of the logistics and transportation industries. provides the most amazing and intelligent robot AI and Autonomous system.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT, we will live in a smart world - Home Automation, smart cities, smart companies and smart manufacturing and it is designed to make our lives more convenient. We develop in-house applications that cater to the IoT technology and customizable to the various industries including Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Transportation.

Website Cloud

LEON LEGION® works with you to develop visually stunning design solutions that communicate your branding, look, feel, and message across any platform.

Mobile App Design

Our goal is to bring convenience to our customers, so we built it on your mobile device

Product design

Turn your ideas into reality

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