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Senior Product Design Engineer 


-    Graduate in Mechanical Engineering or related fields (manufacturing engineering, design engineering).
-    Have experience and a good mindset of using 3D tools (AutoCAD, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, ...).
-    Good knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods.
-    Experience with rapid prototyping processes (3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting).
-    Experience in mechanical system design and prototyping; precision mechanical assembly.
-    4+ years of industry R&D experience

Being an engineer, you will join an experienced multidisciplinary team to create and design innovative products. You will work closely with an internal interdisciplinary team and external partners to promote key aspects of product definition, implementation, and testing. You must be agile, flexible, and able to succeed in extended peer-to-peer collaboration.


As a Product Design Engineer, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate a solid working knowledge of mechanical systems; self-motivated, desire to learn from new challenges, solve problems and use communication skills to work in an experienced and highly interactive team. You must show a real passion for your work and must be able to communicate your ideas and concepts verbally and visually. Finally, you must demonstrate the ability to integrate feedback and demonstrate the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and working environments.

As a part of the project team, you will cooperate with Senior Design Engineers; assist with product design, bug fixation, validation, and optimization. You will participate in all stages of projects from idea generation to actual production, and take part in the full design lifecycle. You will also support other technical engineers in gaining experience with mass production.


  • Design and build 3D models for testing, conceptual modeling, functional appearance modeling.

  • Deep understanding of mechanism, deep understanding of Dynamics/Kinematics, linkage/join, CAM mechanism, etc.

  • Find, deal with 3rd party vendors and integrate their products/services into the entire system design.

  • Support advanced R&D initiatives & prototyping efforts with team members of other disciplines.

  • Engage in an interdisciplinary design process to design systems, combining your skills with HW and SW team members to deliver efficient system designs that are integrated.

  • Take advantage of supporting sources to bring the appropriate design pieces into life efficiently.

  • Update emerging technologies to help identify potential opportunities.

  • Research on advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

  • Anticipate and tackle issues that may affect mass production (DFx).

  • Support positive group interactions to accomplish program goals.

  • Contribute to important schedules and commitments.

  • Provide integrated support to multi-function programs.

  • Fundamental principles of Mathematics, Statistics and/or Physics

  • Experience in running simulations (FEA, mold flow, thermal analysis, SI, etc.).

  • Experience in designing and prototyping mechatronic systems.

  • Experience with mechanical design tools under industrial standards and CAD software.

  • Excellent written and oral communication; ability to explain complex concepts and designs to colleagues in other departments.

  • Experienced in communicating with end-users, sales teams, and management to gather requirements, describe product features, and modify technical designs.


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