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Senior Hardware and Firmware Engineer

We are looking for a SW&FW Engineer to join our R&D team. This position will be responsible for architecting, developing, and supervising suppliers on the development of our robotics platform, which connects with our cognitive robotics ecosystem. You will cooperate closely with the EE, product management, and software teams. If you enjoy working in an open collaborative environment and want to support a dynamic team, this might be the ideal role for you.


•    Masters / PhD in Computer Science, Electronics Engineering or related field OR robotics experience.
•    4+ years of developing Hardware and Firmware with the highest standards and stability
•    Strong programming skills with C, C++, Python, and Linux
•    Experience in one of the major ECAD tools (e.g. Altium, Cadence)
•    Proven experience on sensor fusion algorithms
•    Experience with high-quality board design, schematic capture, or FPGA programming is also a plus.
•    Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.


•    Familiarity working with Microcontrollers such as STM32, NORDIC, NXP, and PIC
•    Understanding of designing and programming functions for multi-core 
•    Networking knowledge using tools like EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Modbus, or variations of CAN
•    Experienced in state-space design, traditional controls methods (PID, observer/compensator) and modern control techniques such as MPC/LQR.


•    Design new hardware and firmware for existing and future electronics platforms
•    Work on the development of documentation (system) related to hardware and firmware
•    Creating reliable hardware and firmware for remotely accessible Mobile Products, enabling remote control, monitoring, and troubleshooting
•    PCB circuit design, schematics, BOM, and board/system level debug
•    Developing hardware and firmware functionality living up to the ever-increasing security standards
•    Design and development of Deep Neural Networks for semantic understanding of processor
•    Work on the development of documentation (system) related to hardware and firmware
•    Cross-functional knowledge across the disciplines of mechatronics, electronics, and software
•    An ability to analyze data, highlight abnormalities, and present outcomes to the audience with a range of technical expertise
•    Analyze, optimize, and tune the performance of your HW&SW
•    Ensure the highest software quality for our products
•    Fluent in English (speaking, writing, reading, listening)
•    Experience with Microsoft Office applications.



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