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Senior Computer Vision Engineer - Autonomous Robots

Join the LeonLegion team and help shape the future of autonomous driving. We are a young startup in Vietnam who wants to bring autonomous mobile robots that make practical sense to warehousing, logistics, and agriculture. We are involved in all aspects of the self-driving mobile robots, from hardware design to software development. Join us on this exciting journey as we bring the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to the future of Autonomous Robots.


•    Strong programming skills with C, C++, Python, and Linux
•    You have a background in computer vision.
•    Passionate about robotics and autonomous vehicles.
•    Extensive hands-on experience in real-world robotics applications and robot operating system (ROS).
•    4+ years of industry R&D experience


  • Previous experience building HD maps for autonomous robotics, Navigation and Control.

  • Experience fusing data from different sensor modalities (e.g. Images and LIDAR data).

  • Background in developing real-time computer vision systems.

  • Experience with GPGPU programming (CUDA).

  • Strong background deep learning/machine learning for computer vision


  • Design, development, and integration of Visual-Inertial SLAM systems.

  • Design and development of Deep Neural Networks for semantic understanding of visual scenes.

  • Developing core functionality for map-based driving.

  • Working with a variety of data from in-vehicle sensors (cameras, LIDAR, radar, GPS, odometry).

  • Performing in-vehicle tests, collecting data and completing autonomous drive missions.

  • Analyze, optimize, and tune the performance of your software stack

  • Ensure the highest software quality for our products


  • Be at the epicenter of the Autonomous Robots revolution.

  • Work on cutting-edge goods and difficult issues with some really talented (and entertaining) individuals.


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