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Industrial Designer

  • Have a degree in Industrial Design, Product Design Engineer, or equivalent fields.

  • Have experience and logical thinking in using one of 3D tools such as CATIA (3DEXPERIENCE), SOLIDWORKS.

  • Experience in rendering, sketching 2D/3D surface (A Class Surface), Keyshot, Blender,...

  • Have expertise in CMF (Colour-Materials -Finish).

  • Minimum 4 years of experience for a similar position.

  • Priority is given to candidates with working experience in Hi-Tech and Bionic fields.

You will join a team that promotes the vision and develops products for LEON LEGION. We are looking for a talented Industrial Designer with solid design skills and extensive knowledge of creating great user experiences. The candidate will be part of the team responsible for guiding and designing the product vision. We are looking for someone with a past-future connection mindset, ready to challenge themselves and find out innovative ways to connect with our consumers.


  • Participate in all phases of the design process, from initial ideas and concept development to 3D model creation, rendering, prototyping, and implementation of CMF specifications for production to ensure product quality.

  • Develop iconic products, have a consistent philosophy, with a core value that helps build brand equity.

  • Design analysis, color approval, DECAL (vehicle TEM), and completion of all exterior and interior surfaces.

  • Ability to create a design language, including decal and color combinations, unifying the brand on different products.

  • Review information from different stakeholders, study user habits, and make  a clear design vision based on observations and evaluations.

  • Always looking for innovative ways to add value to the team, spread visions and ideas, gather feedback, and support others to step into the breakthrough future together.


-    In-depth training in the product design process.
-    Join a dynamic and challenging team.
-    Develop a creative mindset and improve adaptability skills.
-    Be appreciated and supported to develop talents and assert yourself.
-    Working on high class products


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