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Senior SLAM Algorithms Engineer

LeonLegion is seeking an experienced SLAM developer to lead the development of state-of-the-art outdoor/indoor navigation algorithms and solutions for autonomous mobile robotic platform applications. The ideal candidate should have experience designing navigation systems for autonomous platforms operating in outdoor/indoor environments.


•    Masters / PhD in Computer Science, Robotics or related field OR autonomous driving/robotics experience.
•    4+ years of developing visual SLAM algorithms (ORB SLAM3/Elbrus), pose estimation, probabilistic filtering, and sensor fusion 
•    Strong programming skills with C, C++, Python, and Linux
•    Extensive hands-on experience in real-world robotics applications and robot operating system (ROS2).
•    Proven experience on VSLAM algorithms, AI based computer vision and/or numerical optimization.
•    Experience in sensor fusion with multiple Monocular cameras, working with SLAM using only the camera.
•    Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.


  • Familiarity with recent advances in Semantic SLAM, Visual Place Recognition, Long-Term Localization, Distributed Mapping, etc

  • Hands on experience with vehicle sensors and hardware, including Cameras, GPS, IMU, USB, CAN, Ethernet, and Embedded Computers.

  • Previous experience building HD maps for autonomous robotics, Navigation and Control.

  • Experience fusing data from different sensor modalities (e.g. Images and LIDAR data).

  • Background in developing real-time computer vision systems.

  • Strong background deep learning/machine learning for computer vision


  • Good knowledge and rich experience with proven research & development results in the robot, SLAM and computer vision technologies (for example robot mapping/localization/navigation/path planning, visual SLAM, IMU/wheel encoder based odometry);

  • Lead the full-cycle development of SLAM solutions for mobile robotic platforms in indoor/outdoor applications, including algorithm designing, software development and testing, integration, documentation, and support.

  • Design, development, and integration of Visual-Inertial SLAM systems.

  • Design and development of Deep Neural Networks for semantic understanding of visual scenes.

  • Developing core functionality for map-based driving.

  • Working with a variety of data from in-vehicle sensors (cameras, LIDAR, radar, GPS, odometry).

  • Analyze, optimize, and tune the performance of your software stack

  • Ensure the highest software quality for our products


  • Be at the epicenter of the Autonomous Robots revolution.

  • Work on cutting-edge goods and difficult issues with some really talented (and entertaining) individuals.


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