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Stamping Die

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

One of our core competencies is the construction of challenging dies.

LeonLegion Design Team are well known worldwide. With good reasons: Not only do we specialize in parts for the external body shell, but also in complex structural partscomponents. We have the capability to manufacture high quality sheet metal forming dies for car body parts which are will be made of steel or aluminum, or even of high and extra high strength materials.

We are fully familiar with all kinds of metal forming: This covers the development of components (also including Simultaneous Engineering), the manufacture of die sets for series production, as well as matching of components/add-on parts or for complete body shells.

Our service offer corresponds our claim for top design and component quality. Special teams ensure smooth global supplier management and global exchange of experience. Quality and efficiency are ensured using methods such as Tryout and Matching. To make sure that the dies remain ready for production, we can handle maintenance “right into the press”.

Short-notice quality work and finishing of semi-finished and globally sourced tools dies to produce new and ready-for-use tool systemsproduction dies, by the way, yield interesting economic issues. Talk to us.

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