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Product Design Engineer (Intern)


-    Final year students or recent graduates in Mechanical Engineering or related fields (manufacturing engineering, design engineering,...).
-    Have a good mindset of using 3D tools (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD) (Knowledge of Surface is preferred).
-    Have fundamental knowledge in design-related subjects such as Machine Principles, Machine Details, Mechanics, Manufacturing Engineering, Tolerances and Measuring Methods,... (Univiersity subjects).
-    Good written communication skills, good critical thinking and logic skills; ability to explain complex concepts and designs to colleagues in related fields.
-    Ability to work in teams.
-    The CV must be attached with the transcript of all subjects.
We are not looking for candidates with 1 year of experience or more.


-    Design and build 3D models for testing, concept modeling; and functional appearance models.
-    Create product prototypes.
-    Support R&D initiatives about new products, prototype and finalize designs.
-    Participate in an interdisciplinary design process for optimal system design, aiming for DFM and DFX.
-    Support and cooperate with other team members to accomplish project goals.
-    Have basic knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, and/or Physics.


-    In-depth training in the product design process.
-    Join a dynamic and challenging team.
-    Develop a creative mindset and improve adaptability skills.
-    Be appreciated and supported to develop talents and assert yourself.
-    Working on high class products


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